counting money out

Most people have money issues or worries at some point. Consumerhub aims to promote financial capability across the county by using proactive and preventative techniques. This means helping people to develop the financial skills and confidence to make informed decisions at key points in life, which can mean the difference between a secure future and a desperate struggle.

This can cover:

  • the day-to-day management of finances, keeping financial records and effective budgeting
  • planning ahead for retirement, other life transitions and unexpected events, by saving
  • knowing where, and how, to seek appropriate financial advice and have the confidence to ask

Financial Ombudsman Service
If you have had a problem with a financial product – such as your credit card, mortgage or insurance – which you can’t get settled with the business directly, the ombudsman may be able to help you get things sorted.

You should first contact the business responsible (such as the bank or insurer) and ask them to respond to your concerns – they have 8 weeks to do this. If you’re unhappy with their response, or you don’t get an answer, you can ask the ombudsman to look into the issue.

To find out more visit the ombudsman website – or call free on 0800 023 45670800 023 4567.

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