Contactless bank card scams

Citizens are advised to be on the lookout for a scam that has been occurring more frequently over the past few years. Contactless bank cards are very commonplace now and they are being utilised by criminals for scams. Contactless bank… Continue reading

FCA reports issues with loan companies

Latest information from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warns people to avoid scams related to two companies.

The first is I Cash Advance a legitimate company that has been approved by the FCA that has been cloned by scammers. This… Continue reading

New Debt and Council Tax Scams

Several new techniques have surfaced recently over ways scammers will try to obtain your private and sensitive information. Here are some that experts in scam prevention have picked up and how to best protect yourself.

Outstanding Debt

Fraudsters will claim… Continue reading

Bank cards cloned from ATM in Sawston

Scammers used glue to block up a cash machine at the post office, meaning that people needed to use the ATM at the Cambridge Building Society. From this ATM, bank cards were cloned. Money from was stolen from these accounts… Continue reading

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